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What is the purpose of the Wines of Southwest France Council ?


United to defend and promote the wines

The different wines councils in France are private organizations recognized by the state, bringing together partners from every link in one product chain. In the wine sector, the two representative colleges are winegrowing and trading.

The IVSO, the Wines of Southwest France Council, was founded as an association in 2008. It was the first to federate the PDOs and PGIs of a winegrowing basin, the Southwest, that covers 13 départements spread over two administrative regions: Occitania and Nouvelle Aquitaine. Its scope follows the ambitions of its members, and membership is on a volunteer basis.

The council must respect the principles of representation (checked by the public authorities), and the balance between the professional production, trade and marketers. The aim is to involve both colleges in decision-making (this is why the Wines of Southwest France Council is co-chaired by a wine producer and a trade representative).

Four essentials missions

  • Promote wines with official quality labels (PDO and PGI) produced by its members, through collective actions.
  • Ensure transparency and market knowledge through the collection, processing and circulation of statistical data and market analysis.
  • Conduct research and development to meet quality, health and environmental requirements.
  • Participate in the development of regional and national policy for the wine industry.

To carry out its mission of promoting the wines from the vineyards themselves, the IVSO has local branches in the heart of the Gaillac, Fronton, Madiran, Saint-Mont, Côtes-de-Gascogne and Aveyron appellations. It also relies on a network of professionals and representative bodies in the wine sector.

Finally, the IVSO forges close partnerships with other wine joint trade organizations, in particular that of Cahors and Bergerac wines.


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