The Tarn basin


In the heart of the Southwest, the Tarn basin produces a wide variety of wines: rich and powerful, fruity and lively, new “primeur” wines and wines for cellaring, first-rate still wines and sparkling wines too.

PDO Gaillac

The appellation is surprising with its great diversity: red, white, rosé, sparkling, primeur…as surprising as its often-native grape varieties: Braucol, Duras, Prunelard, Lendelel, Ondenc and more.

The red wines are very typical with aromas of red berries and spices. The cellaring wines have more concentrated aromas of black berries, pepper and licorice.

The dry white wines are distinguished, combining freshness and elegance with fruity aromas (pear and green apple) and citrus.

The dry white, slightly sparkling wines are subtle and delicate with a very light fizz and very expressive aromas of white-fleshed fruit.

The sparkling wines made using the so-called ancestral method are made from Mauzac grapes. Must fermentation begins in the vats and ends in the bottles, for a natural effervescence. These wines are available as brut, demi-sec and sweet.

The sweet white wines have notes of ripe apples, pears and tropical fruit.

The white wines known as late harvest wines are mainly made with the Lendelel and Ondenc varieties and develop aromas of quince, dried fig, honey and candied fruit.

Rosés are light and fruity over amylic notes (banana, English candy) and very pronounced red berries.

The white and red primeur wines are aromatic and fruity, ready to drink the year they were made.

PGI Côtes-du-Tarn

In the northwest of the Tarn, the vineyard with its star Gamay grape produces lively and well-balanced red wines full of fruity and spicy notes, light rosé wines with notes of red berries, and lively dry whites with both floral and fruity aromas (peach, apricot).

South West Vineyards

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